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Independent Building Automation Consultant

Building Management Systems

Progress and innovation in the BMS industry are limited by the disconnect between the specifying engineers, mechanical contractors, BMS contractors and facility managers. Each individually providing value, but in isolation of understanding the priorities, requirements and constraints of the other stakeholders.

Our mission is to tie together the various stakeholders in the building automation industry to create a scalable change. This is primarily done by providing processes, tools and education to enable consultants, engineers and owners to form a coordinated unified approach.

BMS Training

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BMS Specific Maintenance Specifications


A BMS specific maintenance specification provides ownership and accountability to the BMS contractor. 

A periodic preventative maintenance contract may have been appropriate 20 years ago but provides almost zero value today. A complete maintenance strategy overhaul and mindset change is required to realise year on year improvements.  

Please contact me to order your maintenance specification. 

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Design Specifications


A BMS specific specification reduces risk to the client, tenant, and BMS contractor. 

  • Independent advice

  • Concept design

  • Specifications

  • Tender phase management

  • Reviewing contractor technical submissions

  • Responding to Requests for Information

  • Site inspections

  • Witnessing

  • Sign off and practical completion

  • Defects

  • Tuning

  • Budget estimates

Please contact me to discuss further 

Independent BMS reviews


The significant pressure put on new construction contractors to build faster to meet near impossible deadlines is impacting on the performance, use ability and efficiency of Building Management Systems.

You will be provided with a report detailing the difference between the original brief, the consultants specification, industry standard practices, and what was actually delivered by the BMS contractor. The report Includes options and recommendations. 

Independent BMS upgrade advice for obsolete systems, energy efficiency, future proofing and poor performance.

Please contact me to book your independent BMS review. 

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Overall, I was very impressed. Bryce has an energetic and engaging style and I appreciated how the session adapted to the questions and needs of the attendees. The most valuable aspect of the presentation for me was the historical origins of common issues.
— Tom Rigby, Engineer, FG Advisory
Found the content to be excellent and very relevant for a mechanical engineer. Good overview without going too deep technically. The take home training material booklet is great to reference back to.
— Chris Lewis, Mechanical Engineer, Allstaff
A concise and pragmatic approach to modern building control strategies. The course content was delivered clearly and encouraged robust discussion between participants. We were all given practical takeaway material that can be utilised for new projects or for enhancements to existing systems
— Luke Padley, BMS Engineer, Schneider Electric
A valuable, pointed, easy to follow course directed at modernising HVAC control industry thinking.
The information provided empowers controls engineers to plan, implement and manage straightforward, yet highly effective, control optimisation strategies, directly translating to high impact energy cost savings
— Andrew Mitchell, Site Manager - Melbourne Airport, Schneider Electric
I found the training profound and applicable on many facets at work. Bryce covered a wide array of topics which appealed to everyone. Handout material is excellent, there is a lot of information in them that will help me in my job. I would definitely recommend the training as it provides good learning on how to maximise energy efficiently. The course has changed how I approach the design of control strategies.
— Puja Chhabra,Senior Application Engineer, Johnson Controls
The training was very well received by the team.
Great content that provoked thoughtful discussing that will lead to value-adds for our customers.
Thanks Bryce
— Chris Kaldi, Service Team Manager, Johnson Controls
Thanks again for the training, I’ve already started noticing new things on site that I can now put a name and function too.
— Tobias Schmidt, Facility Coordinator, Vantage Property Investments
The instructor is a master of experience and knowledge, well presented
— Vicky Predjak, Facility Manager, AMP
Bryce at Lifecycle Controls was engaged to provide an independent review of the Building Management System at 161 Collins St after a major redevelopment of the asset. Having an independent report has greatly assisted the building owner in understanding the gaps between the brief and what was delivered. This has assisted us, the facility managers, in highlighting any long-term risks to our client. I highly recommend Bryce, he is truly an expert in his field.
— Bryce Davey, Operations Manager, JLL

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