Online BMS Training for Facility Managers

Online Building Management Systems Training for Facility Managers

6 topics totalling 3-hours of video content, delivered through a Learning Management System.

Complete modules in your own time, watching a combination of ‘talking head’ videos, screen sharing and live navigation through a BMS.

The course content has been specifically created for facility managers who want to learn how to initiate and drive improvements to the Building Management System via the BMS contractor.

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How it works

Once enrolled in the course, you will receive an automated email with a link to the site and login details. You will need to watch each video in sequence and cannot jump forward to the end.

Participants can login as many times as they like, following on from the last completed video. Watch a few minutes on the train or with your morning coffee. Videos vary in length from 6 - 16 minutes.

Progress of participants can be reviewed with the inbuilt reports.

AU$200, US$145, GBP110, per person, with an agreed timeframe to complete the course.

The Learning Management System

17 videos totaling 3-hours

  • BMS Maintenance - part 1 (introduction)

  • BMS Maintenance - part 2 (four key documents)

  • BMS Maintenance - part 3 (example documents)

  • BMS Maintenance - part 4 (adding improvements)

  • BMS Maintenance - part 5 (freeing up blocks of time)

  • BMS Graphics - part 1 (introduction)

  • BMS Graphics - part 2 (floors)

  • BMS Graphics - part 3 (AHU’s)

  • BMS Graphics - part 4 (alarms and trends)

  • BMS Graphics - part 5 (chilled water)

  • BMS Graphics - part 6 (chilled water)

  • BMS Documentation - part 1 (introduction)

  • BMS Documentation - part 1 (examples)

  • BMS Open system considerations

  • BMS Projects - part 1 (kick off meeting)

  • BMS Projects - part 1 (technical submissions)

  • Which BMS system?

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Bryce Anderson