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Examples of 'energy efficient' control strategies that often waste energy - CO2 control

I often review BMS functional descriptions that read: The AHU outside air damper is modulated between minimum damper position (set at commissioning) and 100% open, as the maximum return air CO2 increases from 600 to 800 ppm.

This control strategy is designed to maintain indoor air quality and not to improve energy efficiency. It does not meet the intent of demand control ventilation. 

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Examples of 'energy efficient' control strategies that waste energy - optimal start warm up

Many people believe that they have energy efficient control strategies, but what they don't realise, is that these control strategies were originally developed for comfort control and don't really save energy. Here is an example of an 'energy efficient' control strategy that only after you have adapted it does it become an optimised control strategy resulting in real energy savings. 

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