BMS Training for Facility Managers

Building Management Systems Training for Facility Managers

Periodic preventative maintenance contracts may have been appropriate 20 years ago, but provide almost zero value today. A complete maintenance strategy overhaul and mindset change is required to realise year on year improvements. This 3-hour classroom-based training course teaches facility managers how to restructure a periodic preventative maintenance plan into a modern system that puts ownership and accountability onto the BMS contractor. 

The annual BMS maintenance contract is the tool to get energy efficiency savings and improvements built into service at no additional cost. 

The training session is specifically designed for facility managers. More technical concepts are broken down to provide an understanding to assist in the negotiation and management of the BMS contractor, rather than teaching the facility manager how to do the work themselves.

The primary driver in the development of the training program was to empower facility managers, not to increase their workload.   

BMS Course Topics

  • BMS Maintenance - introduction

  • BMS Maintenance - four key documents

  • BMS Maintenance - example documents

  • BMS Maintenance - adding improvements

  • BMS Maintenance - freeing up blocks of time to include high value tasks

  • BMS Graphics - introduction

  • BMS Graphics - floors

  • BMS Graphics - AHU’s

  • BMS Graphics - alarms and trends

  • BMS Graphics - chilled water

  • Important BMS Documentation - introduction

  • Important BMS Documentation - examples

  • BMS Open system considerations

  • How to manage a mini BMS project - kick off meeting

  • How to manage a mini BMS project - technical submissions

  • Which BMS system?

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Bryce Anderson