BMS Training: Advanced Control Strategy Optimisation

BMS Training: Advanced Control Strategy Optimisation

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We are no longer running classroom sessions. Please see the online mentoring program.

Bryce Anderson Lifecycle Controls BMS BAS Training

This is an advanced classroom training course focusing on optimising control strategies for the purpose of reducing energy consumption and improving NABERS ratings.

Few people realise that the ‘energy efficient’ control strategies that we use today were actually created 20 years ago to improve comfort control, and not to save energy. When you learn why our current control strategies do not save energy, there will be a light bulb moment when you ‘get it’, and your attitude to energy efficiency changes as you realise you are about to make a real difference!

We don’t need to buy new chillers, VSD’s or 30 floors of LED lighting to save energy, just a keyboard, mouse and some time :-)

Lifecycle Controls Bryce Anderson BMS BAS

The course doesn’t just walk through the control strategies. A large component is to clear up the confusion around how control strategies and tuning has evolved into something completely different to what it was 10 years ago.

Anyone can copy and paste the newly learnt control strategies into a functional description or specification. The course is more than that. It aims to change our attitude to energy efficiency.

Some of the control strategies require minor software changes and can me made immediately to realise savings, while others are more complex and will require redesigning from the ground up.

Participants are given a copy of the control strategies that they may use in their functional descriptions or specifications.

Course topics

Detailed optimisation topics

  • Optimal start and stop

  • Minimum outside air and CO2 control

  • Peak demand management

  • Why didn’t our control strategies improve?

  • Terminal units and temperature set points

  • PID Parameters

  • What is an optimised control strategy?

  • Variable volume AHU’s

  • Constant volume AHU’s

  • Car park ventilation (AS1668)

  • Chilled water

  • Condenser water

  • Time schedules

  • Set points

  • Occupancy detection

  • What is the difference between optimisation and tuning?


  • Measurement and verification

  • Energy efficiency roadmap or plan

  • BMS design review (FD)

  • Maintenance review

  • Graphics, alarms and trends

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Analytics for commissioning and tuning

  • Additional sensors

  • Tenant engagement

How to manage optimisation projects

  • Project program

  • Functional Description update

  • Quality assurance

  • Engineering phase

  • Offsite factory testing

  • Commissioning phase

  • Tuning phase

BMS BAS Training Lifecycle Controls Bryce Anderson
BMS BAS Training Lifecycle Controls Bryce Anderson
BMS BAS Training Lifecycle Controls Bryce Anderson
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BMS Training
BMS BAS Training Lifecycle Controls Bryce Anderson
BMS Training

A concise and pragmatic approach to modern building control strategies. The course content was delivered clearly and encouraged robust discussion between participants. We were all given practical takeaway material that can be utilised for new projects or for enhancements to existing systems
— Luke Padley, BMS Engineer, Schneider Electric
A valuable, pointed, easy to follow course directed at modernising HVAC control industry thinking.
The information provided empowers controls engineers to plan, implement and manage straightforward, yet highly effective, control optimisation strategies, directly translating to high impact energy cost savings
— Andrew Mitchell, Site Manager - Melbourne Airport, Schneider Electric
I found the training profound and applicable on many facets at work. Bryce covered a wide array of topics which appealed to everyone. Handout material is excellent, there is a lot of information in them that will help me in my job. I would definitely recommend the training as it provides good learning on how to maximise energy efficiently. The course has changed how I approach the design of control strategies
— Puja Chhabra,Senior Application Engineer, Johnson Controls
The training was very well received by the team.
Great content that provoked thoughtful discussing that will lead to value-adds for our customers.
Thanks Bryce
— Chris Kaldi, Service Team Manager, Johnson Controls
Thanks for the training last Friday, was great to get some real world strategies that I will be able to apply on sites moving forward
— David Mason, Technician, Siemens
A useful course that I can draw on when asked to recommend energy saving ideas to customers
— Sam Elliott, Honeywell
Very relate able content for day to day work
— Tim Stanway, Schneider Electric
Course content and presentation was excellent. Extremely relevant and informative for current project requirements –
— Jack Molnar, Project Engineer, Siemens
Very informative with great take away material which I’ll be using and referring back to as more of our clients are requesting energy initiatives.
— Matthew Fyvie, Field Service Technician, Schneider Electric
Great knowledge of the industry. A lot of great ideas to think about
— Daniel Zivanovic, Schneider Electric

We are no longer running classroom sessions. Please see the online mentoring program.

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Bryce Anderson Lifecycle Controls BMS BAS Training







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